Pacific Quay

Pacific Quay Masterplan

30 June 2011

The new masterplan for Glasgow's Pacific Quay was commissioned by Scottish Enterprise as part of a review of all of its landholdings in the area.


The proposals, designed by 7N Architects with support from Arup and Turner Townsend, build on Scottish Enterprise's success in attracting major new occupiers to the Digital Media Quarter.

This fresh approach is intended to establish a dynamic framework for cultivating a diverse range of uses and activities to make the place a vibrant neighbourhood within the Creative Clyde area. The strategy focuses on early initiatives to draw more people into the area to "grow the place" by encouraging people and businesses to actively colonise it.

The masterplan will provide loose fit, flexible, space that can accommodate a range of different uses including retail, leisure and residential to complement the core digital media office space, creating an environment that will be active at all times of the day. The new buildings will be akin to 21st century lofts, dense urban architecture that will form the backdrop for a rich range of activities. These simple, flexible and robust building types will be more readily deliverable in the current market and will be easily adapted to changing demands.

The transport infrastructure in the area will be given a major boost by the devleopment of Fastlink, a rapid transport bus system, which will operate in dedicated lanes, linking Pacific Quay with the city centre.

The proposed phasing is a key element of the incremental strategy to "grow the place" using small steps, to concentrate initial investment on public realm areas which will maximise the potential for placemaking.

If you're a developer interested in investing here, please get in touch.