Feature Friday - One Thumb Mobile

18 September 2015

On Feature Fridays we picked one company from our Directory and got to know their business a bit better by asking them a few quick questions.

1. Who are One Thumb Mobile?

One Thumb Mobile are an independent studio who were formed and operate in Scotland. Originally created in 2006 the company has gone from strength to strength and has more than tripled in size over the past two years: Gaining new employees from notable popular videogame studios as well as established fantasy artists from the roleplaying and board games fields.

2. Tell us about some of your most notable work?

One Thumb Mobile’s notable work is Celtic Heroes, released in. One of the first Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games to feature on mobile devices, something which had not been tried before. The successful launch and development of the title saw the game move to Android devices in 2013.

From its initial launch the game now boasts over fifteen zones for players to play in with different stories, quests and art clearly defining the nature of these areas. These areas are constantly updated and the players have five classes of character to choose from, with over one hundred skills and spells to utilise in their fight against the evil that has infested the land. With player numbers still increasing and a team dedicated to improve every area of the game Celtic Heroes still stands as one of the top games of its kind on both the IOS and Android stores.

3. Where do you see the free-to-play app economy going in the next few years?

Free to play is one of a number of formats of funding that are seen across videogames at all levels and Celtic Heroes adopted the free-to-play model from the start. This means the team are careful to develop the product so that a player, joining at the start and dedicating their time to the game, can rise from the first level to become a powerful hero and fight our latest boss Gelebron within the tower of Gallan Marak.

The value of this is a large player base who compete against the game and with each other to rise amongst the online ranks and whilst those who wish to progress further can pay for elixirs and items that will speed their progress the game and free-to-play suits us as it makes the experience open to all.

4. What international markets interest you as a games company?

Celtic Heroes is already played globally, Android releases meaning a large number of Eastern European and Russian players starting and enjoying the game. Whilst any market needs to be considered One Thumb Mobile are doing their utmost to improve the experience so that any player from any country can understand the basic principles of the game and relish the opportunity to play.

Localisation is something we are considering strongly but any such work takes time to get right and ensure the high quality of the product is maintained throughout. Something all the team work on daily, to make certain player experience is never dulled and only enhanced.

5. Where is your favourite place in Glasgow to relax after work?

Being a diverse team this is a hard question to answer, some of us hit the cinema, Beer Café or attend the regular Bert Wednesday meet-ups as well as some board gaming and roleplaying or just a night in with the feet up watching our favourite TV shows. However the team are a social bunch and we often have nights out which not only emphasise team building but get us competitive, with ten pin bowling being a recent outing.


Find out more about One Thumb Mobile over at their website.