Should employee ownership be part of your succession planning?

July 2, 2014

Sarah Deas, Chief Executive of Co-operative Development Scotland, highlights the example of Page \ Park architects in their recent transition to an employee-owned company and invites you to join her on Employee Ownership Day…


Co-operative Development Scotland supports company growth through the employee ownership business model – where employees hold the majority of the shares either directly or through an Employee Benefit Trust. We offer businesses advice and help them through the process, including access to funding and legal models.

The benefits of employee ownership are clear. Not only does it provide the owner with a fair price for their business, it safeguards the future of the business and its employees. It also typically sees a marked increase in productivity and innovation.

When Page\Park founders Brian Park and David Page decided to embark on the road to employee ownership, they did so to ensure their legacy wasn’t just the buildings they worked on, but the architecture business they built from the ground-up.

They also recognised that the model was in sync with the collaborative approach which has led to the company becoming one of the most widely known architecture firms in Scotland.

Now, just a few months after completing the transition to an employee-owned company, they will welcome companies to their Merchant City home for the second annual Employee Ownership Day.

Held on July 4 – when our American friends also celebrate Independence Day – the event celebrates and raises awareness of the benefits of employee ownership, highlighting the success stories of like-minded companies stretching the length and breadth of the country.

For Page\Park, it represents a warm welcome into a community reaping the rewards of a commercial structure that doesn’t just give employees a greater sense of job achievement; it also provides a solid and resilient platform for the company to build a successful future.

To make the transition, Page\Park worked closely with the team at Co-operative Development Scotland – we guided them, helping to make the process as smooth as possible.

And with David and Brian still very much part of the business, they are safe in the knowledge that the future of the company has never been brighter.

Their story, and that of other organisations leading the way as employee-owned businesses, will be shared on Employee Ownership Day. So why not come along and see for yourself how the model could work for your business?

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