Screening on Glasgow Science Centre LED wall leads to Bollywood opportunity

Image: Copyright Total Immersion 2015

In 2014 Creative Clyde announced an opportunity for local companies to have their video work shown on the LED screen installed at the Glasgow Science Centre as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations. Lesley Keen, Director of Glasgow based animation company Total Immersion, took up the offer.

My company Total Immersion had been working on a series experimental widescreen digital video works – the Playpiece series - that suited the brief perfectly, and in early 2015 some of these works went live on the LED screen. When Indian production company Excel Entertainment were in Glasgow looking for locations for their upcoming production Baar Baar Dekho, they happened to pass the LED screen when one of these Playpieces  - Deeptime 3 - was playing. Excel contacted Total Immersion to seek permission to use a sequence within their film.


Image: Copyright Total Immersion 2015

We were intrigued and absolutely delighted to be invited to be part of a Bollywood film production, the first feature film by director Nitya Mehra, who had previously worked on 'The Life of Pi'. We have had to wait a whole year for the film to go on general release to talk about our involvement with this project and to be free to share our behind the scenes video.

It was a night-time shoot and it was the first time I had experienced the impact of my work on the LED screen in such intensity. The resulting shot lasts no more than 30 seconds, but is intended to echo the psychedelic light sequence in 2001; A Space Odyssey, at a critical turning point in the emotional development of the main character in the film.

Ema Čulík was outside the Science Centre to film the occasion, and you can watch her work Behind the Scenes of the Bar Baar Dekho Shoot, on Vimeo.

The whole of Deeptime 3 can be seen here.

Edited by Neil Castell, music by Alexey Sibikin, visuals by Lesley Keen

Other creative collaborations using the Playpiece video art have included working with French composer Francois Elie Roulin, on his album 'Musique Lente'.

Behind The Scenes of the Bar Baar Dekho shoot at the LED screen location can be viewed here.

Created by Ema Čulík.


Image: Copyright Total Immersion 2015

The big screen on the wall of the Glasgow Science Centre is still available for you to showcase your creative work, for free! Find out more here.