Park Circus Films – From Glasgow’s West End to the West Coast of California…

June 17, 2015

Glasgow based company, Park Circus, established in 2003, represents theatrical distribution of over 20,000 titles from the majority of the Hollywood film studios as well as those of key major British producers. In 2014, Arts Alliance, the leading financier, producer, distributor and marketeer of event cinema, completed its investment in Park Circus Films. Here, Nick Varley, co-founder of Park Circus discusses his new role as COO of Arts Alliance and what it means for the future of the company…


It was in 2003 that John Letham and I started Park Circus from the kitchen table and a £1,000 investment. Our idea was a simple one – Getting classic films back on the big screen, the format they were made for.

Fast forward twelve years and Park Circus is the world leading distributor of classic film content. We represent over 20,000 feature films from most of the major Hollywood and British studios. In 2014, we took the decision to sell the company to Arts Alliance.

Park Circus is unique in two respects. Firstly, it is the only significant film distribution company to be based in Scotland as well as being one of very few companies that operates on a global basis.

Arts Alliance is a world leading distributor of event cinema content including Royal Opera House Live, Shakespeare’s Globe, as well as recent contemporary hits One Direction in Concert and Curt Cobain Montage of Heck.

This coming together of two great companies not only made sound commercial sense, it also provided many opportunities for the teams in our Glasgow, London and Los Angeles offices. We now total almost 50 employees and counting worldwide.

John, who initially stepped back from the day-to-day operations of Park Circus following the sale, has re-joined the company as Managing Director of the Park Circus operations and, in addition to his duties running Park Circus, John is actively involved in developing a group-wide IT solution to manage the day-to-day sales and licensing process. He is also looking at other areas where IT solutions and new technology could benefit our company.

I have now become Chief Operating Officer of the Arts Alliance group of companies. This newly created role in the group will involve me working with the management teams in our various operating divisions to develop strategies and synergies across the group as well as overseeing our technical operations team, client relationships, HR and supporting the CEO, Mark Foster, in delivering the business plan agreed by our board. Whilst the companies within our group are well established, the group itself is fairly new and one of the great opportunities is identifying the good practices that exist and harmonising them throughout the organisation.

The world of film is changing constantly and being part of Arts Alliance at this exciting time in our industry sets Park Circus on to another level of growth and we look forward to seeing what the next ten years bring.

With offices in UK, USA and France, Park Circus is an impassioned and dynamic international film sales and distribution company with years of experience helping audiences around the world experience classic films back on the big screen.

Park Circus represents a number of high profile studios and independent producers, including Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing International, Warner Bros. Pictures, ITV Studios, Miramax Films, Samuel Goldwyn Films, The Cohen Film Collection, Exclusive Media, STUDIOCANAL, Icon Film Distribution, Channel Four Television Corporation, and Walt Disney Studios Motions Pictures, UK.

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