Heard of Scottish Development International - SDI - but not sure who works there and what they do?

Meet Laurent, based in SDI’s Paris office to promote Scottish business in France.


Bonjour!  I am Laurent Mélin-Quinn working for SDI since 2008. I am in charge of promoting Scotland in Paris from where I cover the following geographies: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel.  I’m usually focussed on attracting new investment into Scotland to boost the economy but I’m also dedicated to helping Scottish companies do business in those countries.  I work with a broad range of sectors including: Technologies, Advance Engineering, ICT, Software, Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Construction, Forestry, and Creative Industries (except Textile & Design I’m afraid).

I hope my past experience as an advertising copywriter and as a TV production assistant working on prime time entertainment shows, and will provide a wee hint as to why you might be interested to meet Robbie Clyde, my manager and myself in Inverness on the 7th of June and on the 8th in Glasgow.

Based in France, I can be a key asset to you.  I’m here to help and I’m here to offer the best advice I can for your business.  I’m also an open minded person who’s very curious about what’s going on in Scotland and I’m always using my creative skills to open doors, give tailored business advice, develop new strategies and grabbing the attention of the prospects you are interested to engage with – that’s probably why I love my job!

Hope to meet you there very soon and if it’s not in Inverness, anyway you will have chance to meet Robbie Clyde on the 8th in Glasgow. You will hear from a range of expert speakers about support and advice available from overseas offices, services, tools and expertise available to help, and accessing market intelligence.

Last tip : Our objective from these 2 sessions will be to offer you the opportunity to join us in a trade mission planned to Lyon in October. There are 4 clusters which could be of interest:
  • CITIA, based in Annecy (Haute Savoie): creative industries;
  • La Cartoucherie in Bourg-lès-Valence: animation films;
  • The village of Lussas in Ardèche: creative documentaries;
  • Pixel, in Lyon/Villeurbanne: audiovisual, cinema, video games and new digital content.

A bientôt!


Read Laurent’s Guide to Doing Business in France here and find out more about the the free Glasgow event and book your place here.