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September 21, 2015

In her presentation at the latest Creative Clyde Lyte Bytes session at The Whisky Bond, Dr Jillian Ney, visiting academic at Strathclyde Business School and Chief Intelligence Officer at Glasgow consultancy Disruptive Insight, spoke about how Social Media ‘isnt just happy clappy, but has the ability to solve real business problems.’ Chris Milborrow, Marketing Manager at Soluis Group, came along to the event and discusses the key takeaways here…

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Challenging current practice

In front of an audience representing some of Glasgow’s creative businesses, Jillian challenged how social media effectiveness is recorded, suggesting that it’s not a numbers game. This view tends to go against the grain in terms of current practice, with social media reporting being heavily based on reach and interaction.

But what do these metrics really mean? Not all that much, and almost nothing on their own, according to Jillian, who demonstrated a few examples of how she’s going behind the numbers to gain real insight to create business value for her clients.

Achieving the ‘Holy Grail’

Through a blend of social listening and behavioural economics, Jillian’s consultancy, Disruptive Insight, is managing to strip back the layers between businesses and consumers. This is allowing companies to communicate more effectively in search of really driving or altering purchasing behaviour, labelled ‘the holy grail’ in Jillian’s line of work.

This got me thinking…

…about my own data, and questioning whether I know as much as I should (and could) know about what’s going on behind the numbers on my personal social media channels and channels I manage.

What about you?

Do you know ‘why’ people are engaging with you or your brand on social media?

Are you satisfied by ‘reaching’ 10% more people than you did yesterday on social media, without knowing how to create commercial benefit from it?

If you’re a business leader

…often questioning the point of having social media, how can you give your marketing team opportunities to go out and use it to cultivate real business impact?

Dr Jillian Ney is a visiting academic in the Department of Marketing at Strathclyde Business School. In 2013, Jillian founded Disruptive Insight, a social intelligence consultancy that helps large organisations find and create shared value from social media. Follow them on Twitter @DI_insights

This event was part of Creative Clyde’s 2015 Lyte Byte events, a series of free ‘In Discussion With’ networking events on a variety of topics. For more information on the upcoming events, please check out the Events section on our website and sign up for our newsletter.